Advanced Skill

Using the Movement Library


Advanced Skill 1 and 2 -module is based on using the acquired movement library and discovering the possibilities of using it. The main themes of Advanced Skill 1 and 2 -modules are combination movements of body control and jumping, balance, running, change of direction with perception, movement rhythm, body control while airborne and skill fitness. In addition, the movement skill exercises are integrated with the skills of throwing and catching a ball. Advanced Skill 1 and 2 -module is based on utilizing the skills learned from Fundamental Skill -modules and developing novel movement patterns. The single movement skills progress to movement combinations, that introduce new challenges in learning movement skills. Advanced Skill 1 and 2 -content is connected with the skill demands of various sports.

Diverse movement combinations and creative use of the movement library enables comprehensive development of all motor components, such as rhythm, coordination and adaptability. A new area of development, directing focus and perception coupled with action is also introduced in this module.

In conjunction with the main learning theme, each training session starts with a movement preparation component that is divided into development of body control and mobility. Movement preparation warm-up helps build functional strength and flexibility that ensures that fundamental skills as well as physiological abilities are developing hand in hand. A core strengthening segment takes place in the end of training session. Also, each participant is given a movement homework that is meant to be a motivation for independent learning and training until the group meets again.

Advanced Skill 1

The level 1 skill training is based on short movement combinations, that require mastering a variety of skills as well as physical fitness. Identifying the individual style of learning and improving the ability to focus are some of the goals of movement combination sessions. Novel stimulation in the learning environment emphasize skills of observation, perception and decision making while training the movements.

Balance skills are also introduced at this level through balance movement exercises that are executed both on and off various apparatus.

Advanced Skill 2

The second level will bring more demanding challenges. The movement combinations are longer by duration and they include external stimuli. The main themes are built inside the exercises and that requires a utilizing the movement library even more.

The higher level of challenge with the movement combinations elevates the physical fitness and the mental capabilities as well.


Taitoc – Training & Education

Taitoc -course provides tools for provide tools for facilitating comprehensive and diverse skill coaching and for evaluating the development within. The educational modules consist of lectures as well as practical workshops.

For whom is it for?

Fundamental skill -educational module is designed for coaches, instructors, teachers and others who work with children and youth. The Fundamental Skill -module is a requirement for attending Advanced Skill -module.

Where can I do it?

Most of the courses are organized at Lappi Sports Institute in Rovaniemi, Finland, but they can be customized for other learning environments as well. We facilitate custom-built courses for sport clubs, sport organizations and schools. Please, contact us and schedule a Taitoc -course for your group.

Advanced Skill 1-2 educational module

Fundamental skill -module is based on using and applying the movement library and to assess and track general motor skills with Taitoc skill mastery -assessment. After completing the module the participant receives Advanced Skill 1-2 coaching licence, that provides all the tools for facilitating Advanced Skill 1-2 programs, such as instructing groups, running camps and implementing the skill mastery assessments.

Advanced Skill 1-2 -module consists of:

Movement library categories

Total 24,5 h

Sample program

8.00–9.00 Breakfast
9.00–11.00 Lecture 1
11.00–12.00 Lunch
12.00–14.00 Practical workshop → Functional movement control and mobility
14.00–14.30 Coffee
14.30–16.30 Practical workshop → Body control and jumping combinations
16.30–17.30 Dinner
17.30–19.30 Practical workshop → Movement combinations
19.30 Evening snack

8.00–9.00 Breakfast
9.00–11.30 Practical workshop → Running technique
11.30–12.30 Lunch
12.30–14.00 Practical workshop → Change of direction
14.00–14.30 Coffee
14.30–17.00 Practical workshop → Throwing and Catching
17.00–18.00 Dinner
18.00–20.00 Practical workshop → Balance
20.00 Evening snack

8.00–9.00 Breakfast
9.00–11.00 Lecture 2
11.00–12.00 Lunch
12.00–14.00 Lecture 3 → Skill Mastery level test 3
14.00–14.30 Coffee
14.30–16.30 Lecture 3 → Skill Mastery level test 4
16.30–17.30 Dinner
17.30–19.30 Lecture 4

The module can also be arranged as two separate events or customize completely according to the needs of the group.

Taitoc -licence / Rights to use

Advanced Skill 1-2 coaching licence -course

Advanced Skill 1-2 coaching licence fee includes:

Please, ask for an offer for coaching licence educational module →CONTACT

Taitoc licence for commercial use

Taitoc licence for commercial use includes:

Please, ask for an offer for Taitoc, commercial use -licence→ CONTACT

Taitoc- program applications

Taitoc – Skill Coaching groups

Taitoc -program can be utilized for start-up and for instruction of skill coaching groups in your own setting. Taitoc -licence consists of complete group coaching templates as well as the marketing brochures that help start the group coaching sessions.

Taitoc – Skill Camps

Taitoc -program can be used for planning and facilitating skill camps.

Taitoc – Individual Sessions

Taitoc exercises and movements can be applied and utilized in an individual coaching sessions as part of the movement preparation for the main session or as a complementary part of sport specific camp program.

Taitoc – Skill Mastery assessments

Skill Mastery assessments can be programmed inside the skill groups or camps. Skill Mastery assessments can also be arranged as a separate testing event with the goal of evaluating the skill level of the athletes.

Taitoc pricing

Each coach/facility with the Taitoc -licence is allowed to determine the price for Taitoc -skill coaching. The programs may be free as well.


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